Caffe Strega 1Situated 200 metres far from Villa Borghese and Piazza di Spagna, at the top of Via Veneto, the Caffè Strega, open since the early ‘900, has enjoyed great social and intellectual prestige since the ’50 thanks to the creation of the Literary Prize (Premio Strega) conceived in 1947 by Guido Alberti.Caffe Strega 2
Throughout the years, the Caffè Strega has maintained a strong relationship with tradition; for this reason, the menu conceived by our Chef Andrea De Pasquale mainly boasts Italian cooking and traditional first courses and desserts, although it is able to meet even the requirements of international customers. On top of buying only the best ingredients from our local suppliers, our owner Joe also grows his own chickens. He really enjoys this and found out how to do it thanks to howtomakeachickencook.cop. Whenever you chicken coop guys are in Italy, please drop by for a free meal and glass of wine.

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